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Hello, wonderful! Thank you for finding us and joining us on our journey to make the world better (and your life healthier).

Big claim, I know. But we’ve got the experience to back it up. Since 1942 we’ve been providing people with solutions to make their lives healthier and more organic and make the world a better place. But those solutions have been in the form of books and magazines and online content. (We are the largest health and wellness publisher in the world.) It’s our mission to inspire and enable people to improve their lives and the world around them…but we realized that words are not enough. We want to provide people with solutions in the form of products—in other words, shopping!

Everything we buy in our lives sends a message to the world, to governments, and to businesses—we literally vote with our dollars. Rodale’s is a safe place for you to shop, where you can now vote for a healthier, happier world with every purchase you make without sacrificing style, comfort, or joy. In fact, I believe you will enhance your style, comfort, and joy through shopping at Rodale’s.

For example, let’s start with organic cotton: It’s softer! It’s cozier! It’s more durable than regular cotton. I know this personally since I’ve been wearing it for 20 years. But wait, there is more: When you spend a little more for something made from organic cotton, you are investing in a healthier environment (cotton is one of the most polluting crops in the world). You are helping prevent health problems around the world (the chemicals used to grow and produce conventional cotton are known to cause everything from cancer to diabetes). You are also supporting fair trade, small businesses, and workers by not exposing them to toxins and abuse that support the “fast fashion” culture (buy at bottom dollar and throw it away after a year). And did you know that cotton is one of the largest genetically modified (GMO) crops in the world? Buying organic cotton is the only way to ensure you are not supporting the global GMO invasion.

Or how about beauty products? Women around the world spend billions of dollars on beauty products that actually harm their health. You can trust that any beauty product we sell has met rigorous standards for health, safety, and effectiveness.

That kind of careful rigor and thinking goes into every product we sell. Our research librarians keep us up to date with the latest medical and scientific findings on health and the environment, and those daily reports help us make sure we are selling only products that are safe for you, your family, and the environment.

But let us worry about that! Because we’ve done the hard work of figuring out what’s safe and healthy, you can simply enjoy the pleasure of shopping!

I hope you love our new shopping site. We’ve only just begun and we know it’s not perfect yet. But I’d love to hear your thoughts, your suggestions, and your ideas. If you have a product or know of a product that you think we should sell, let us know and we’ll see if it meets our criteria. You can e-mail me at: maria@rodale.com.

The journey has begun, and I look forward to getting to know all of you better. In the meantime, have fun shopping!



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One Response to Welcome to Rodale’s

  1. Beth Adair May 20, 2013 at 4:45 pm #

    Love it! I asked a few weeks or months ago if y’all had a website, because you had to close down for inclement weather:).

    I only use real cotton on my face when removing eye makeup. Have you thought if marketing to country clubs? Most 4 star establishments only use real cotton. May I suggest lodgemember.com? The manager, David Mariotti authorized the use of the gym for me if Runners World was interested in me for a photoshoot with their weight room/facility. David loves fitness, trains hard, and it couldn’t hurt to ask. The supply the club with cotton balls & are partnered with the PV Inn & Club, why not have them use Rodale cotton:))

    Hope you get a good sale/future sales with them:). I just love Rodale and what they stand for, and enjoy your posts on Facebook.

    You deserve many more trips to Australia:)

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