Maria’s Five Favorites: Health & Healing


Toxic chemicals are all around us—in our foods, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, soaps, and lawn and garden products. These chemicals (in “fragrance,” BPA, phthalates, and other ingredients) harm our bodies and our earth. And when it comes to healing ourselves, often many of us are reaching out to what is ultimately a toxic product. But what can help heal our health can also help heal our planet: going organic and living our lives in more natural, earth-loving ways.

So here are my five favorite organic and natural health and healing remedies to help you and the planet:

1. Digital Detox Bath Treatment. This soothing, restorative, and detoxifying bath treatment is made with untreated natural clay from the ancient volcanic peaks of the Haute-Loire region and salt that was hand-harvested from the salt beds of Brittany using a traditional method. And its packaging is BPA free.


2. Organic Aromatherapy Moon Mist. This handcrafted, intoxicating aromatherapy mist calms your mind and body, clearing out any negativity surrounding you. The organic ingredients are infused with a tourmaline crystal to help protect against life’s turbulence, and can be misted onto your body or into the room.


3. Anti-Itch Cream and Soap Duo. Calm itchy skin associated with eczema or other skin maladies with this set of natural soap and cream made from organic ingredients. It’s effective for adults, but also gentle enough to use on babies. All oils used are expeller pressed, an ancient Japanese method that does not use chemicals for extraction, and the vitamin E oil is extracted from soybeans. Many who are sensitive to perfumes and cosmetics can enjoy these products because they are purely made and contain no artificial fragrances.


4. Healing Herbal Skin Balm. Treat minor cuts, wounds, and burns with this certified-organic salve. The combination of organic calendula and goldenseal with propolis effectively moisturizes and soothes affected skin. It’s free of any stinging ingredients and fragrances.


5. Wart Eliminator Salve. This homeopathic wart-relief salve is made from powerful, certified-organic ingredients that have been shown to have strong antiviral properties, and are even pure enough to eat. With regular application, warts will disappear, leaving the skin feeling fresh and renewed, and the salve is safe to use anywhere on the body.


Here’s to health, healing and happiness.


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